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When I was younger I was always active but growing up in a small town, diet was not important. When I moved to Dallas for college I continued eating the same but stayed active and it caught up with me. Genetically i’m small but small isn’t always good because my digestive system was so off track and I had terrible cystic acne from all of the fast food I was eating. When I met my husband he was a trainer and I began to learn how important nutrition is. Once I changed that and added in weight lifting, everything changed for me. I was always the girl that went straight to the treadmill in the gym and never stepped in the weight room because I didn’t feel comfortable. Justin encouraged me to start lifting and when I saw how my body was transforming I was hooked. I decided to start competing in bikini fitness competitions to take my results to the next level. Although, I do not compete anymore I’m grateful for the opportunity and everything that it taught me. I learned so much about myself and my body by taking extreme measures with my nutrition and fitness that now I’m able to find balance with it. Once I saw my body and mind change for the better my passion for helping others grew. I can happily say I’ve been able to help transform so many of my clients. Not only with weight loss, but muscle gain, balance in their diets, and so much more.

I think we tend to get caught up in results only being one sided, not all people have a huge weight loss story, for me I’ve been able to put on lean muscle and create my best body, mind, and spirit throughout this journey. For my body type, huge amounts of cardio is not what I need, I added a surplus of good calories to my diet with weight training and plyometrics. The biggest thing I’ve been able to do is find balance in my nutrition and training program. When I first started everything was done to the extreme and I didn’t have a healthy relationship with food. Now that I’ve been able to teach myself that its okay to have some goodies in my plan I’m able to help others find this balance with food as well. Also, fitness has become my lifestyle, I have found activities that I enjoy so it makes working out more fun; and I’m constantly changing my training program so that I don’t get bored and so that my results don’t plateau.

I can honestly say I have one of the best careers, I’m able to help women every single day become their best selves. What a blessing that just by sharing my journey and story I can inspire others to want to do more. The best feeling is when a client becomes more confident over time, or when they are able to fit into a pair of jeans that have been hiding in the closest for years, and even better yet, when they have pizza and actually enjoy it instead of feeling guilty because they know they are still getting the results they are looking for. These are just a few things I specialize in. I love getting on personal levels with my clients and building life long relationships with all of them.

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