I began my fitness journey with Hope going to her Bikini Boot Camps twice a week. After my first class I was totally hooked! Her classes were full of energy, high-intensity training, and gave me a understanding on proper form and technique. Within my first month of training with Hope I was able to drop 7 pounds, lose fat and gain muscle. I continued personal training with Hope for several months after Boot Camp was over. She was able to give me the knowledge on proper nutrition and training, but also give me confidence to workout in the gym alone!

-Chelsea Clark


I came across Hope and decided to give her a try after being stuck for awhile, and I was hooked from the first session! She really cares about you and is specific to your body, she isn’t a regular trainer, she gives you advice in and out of the gym and always there to answer your questions and concerns. Best trainer I’ve ever had! Can’t wait for my results, they are already coming in!

-Brooke Loya


I truly enjoy every session I have with Hope, she is beautiful inside and out! Her positive personality combined with her knowledge and experience ensures every workout leaves me feeling like I’m achieving my fitness goals. The workouts are always fun and challenging, and she goes above and beyond by giving great advice on how to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle routine. Despite us both having busy schedules, she is always flexible and generous with her time. She is without a doubt my favorite trainer, I highly recommend her!

-Colleen M.


Did my first session with Hope today. Absolutely amazing! Really great about inspiring you to work towards the best body for you and works with you to meet daily and long term goals. The perfect amount of push and motivation to get you through an intense session! I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to get fit and have fun at the same time!

-Jenny S.


I just moved to the area and am amazed that I was fortunate enough to find such an incredible trainer.  Hope is very knowledgeable, extraordinarily positive, knows how to properly motivate me and is accessible when I need her.  She has already gotten me through highs and lows and I have seen great results in just a few short weeks.  My only hesitation in recommending her is my fear of her becoming too popular.  Honestly, she is amazing and you won’t be disappointed.

-Stacy Moss


OMG! Prior to finding Hope I was researching trainers who not only looked the part, but someone who was professional (as in returns my emails and texts, etc.), knowledgeable, and personable. As a Latina, culturally speaking curves are always encouraged but I knew I was carrying way more than I could on my petite frame. I reached out to Hope and what I got was someone who cares and really knows what she is doing. As an added bonus, I get the best of both worlds in that I also get to train with her better half which can only mean great things. I cannot wait for this journey and my results. Today is barely session “2” and while I feel like I got run over, (this is a good thing) I have so much energy!!!!! This is not easy, but looking at Hope is totally my inspiration.

-Elvia E.


I have been training with Hope for a few months now and I find myself looking forward to the workouts!  Her training always leaves me feeling accomplished at the end of the day!!!! Not only is she teaching me the importance of proper form and breathing (which I tend to forget to engage) she is taking her time to really understand my eating habits. She guides me in what foods will help refuel my body after a session and is super sweet and understanding on the times I grab the wrong foods.  Fast forward, I now find myself reaching for something healthy without a second thought. I can already feel the effects of my body thanking me.  I cannot wait to see my transformation a year from now!  Hope is a professional trainer.  You must take her!

-Karen C.


Hope is a phenomenal personal trainer! She really pushed me every session and even provided a custom diet plan. Out of all the trainers I’ve had over the years, she’s by far the best. I highly recommend her if you’re looking for a trainer in the DFW area.

-Lindsay J.


I have never felt better and felt like I get this much out of a workout. Iv been training with Hope for 5 weeks and have not done the same workout twice! She also has taught me so much when it comes to proper eating!!! Absolutely love her!!!!

-Tiffany Rutherford

After almost 6 months of having Hope in my life, there is no chance of letting her out! I do her online training and have never met her personally, but that doesn’t affect how personal she makes the sessions and meal plans. She kicks my butt without even being in the room. She is so good about making sure the program fits your needs, and if for some reason you are in a rut she helps you problem solve and find other options.
Hope has never used guilt when I’ve fallen off the motivation wagon and tried to hide. Instead, she continues to reach out with encouragement and new ways to get excited about this lifestyle change, even if that means taking a step back to get back on track. I talk to her almost every day, so she is not like others who just send you plans and leaves you to figure it out on your own.
She WANTS to help and really cares about who she is working with. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to change their life, because I know she has changed mine!

-Kali P.

Hope is by far my favorite trainer! She makes the workout enjoyable and at the same time hard! I love getting to train with her because I see results in two weeks. I would highly recommend Hope for training! She’s flexible with her schedule and always has time to help her clients even after your appointment is over.

-Avery Walker

Hope has been the best investment I’ve made in myself. She has so much knowledge both in the gym and nutritionally. I continue to learn so much about my diet that I had no idea before working with her. In the gym, she gives you the perfect balance of tough love and motivation. No work out is ever the same so she keeps your body guessing and that’s been tremendous in terms of defining muscle groups I probably previously completely ignored. I’ve always been athletic and had lost weight on my own but hit a plateau and needed help leaning out further – cardio can only get you so far and I’ve been making mistakes with my diet I’d never have realized without her help. Since starting with Hope, I’ve lost inches off my body in only a few months and have so much more energy than I ever had before. I always look forward to my time with her and know that I can and will reach my goals with her help because she cares about her clients so much and tracks your progress holding you accountable every step of the way. Best trainer in Dallas!!!

-Kristen Brown

Hope Beel is hands down the best trainer I have ever used! She is extremely involved and committed to her clients and truly wants the best for them. I have never felt so comfortable with a trainer before. She listens to each of my concerns and helps push my fears aside. I will be a lifelong client of Hope!

-Ashley Taylor

Hope goes above and beyond to help you meet your goals. My schedule is crazy but she always accommodates me. Killer workouts and great meal plans.
-Rose L.