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30 Day Challenge


30 Day Online Coaching

Are you ready to take it to the next level? This program is for serious people only. You will notice that no workouts are repeated and every workout will leave you drenched in sweat, trust me you will earn your calories after these. Not only do you get the best of the best with your training but nutrition guidance is also included. 24/7 support is available so you will feel complete confident throughout the entire 30 days.

-video reference to all workouts
-cardio routines
-private Instagram page with daily advice
-weekly check ins
-24/7 support
-weigh in and weigh out to see progress
-supplement guidance
-macronutrient meal plan with adjustments when needed
-discounts on future products
-No refunds

Macro Meal Plan


Macronutrient Meal Plan Guidance:
Macronutrient counting is way different and way better than calorie counting. Just think about it, you can eat 1600 calories in just sugar and fats, but its not going to get you the results you need. But, by breaking up your nutrients into a balanced plan of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates you are able to get on a better path. Not one set of macronutrients works for one person so this will take some time finding what works best for you. My suggestion is 30 days of consistent effort to see results.

-email questionnaire about your goals, based on this I will supply your calculations
-1 adjustment if needed
-email support
-food list guide broken up in proteins, fats, and carbohydrates
-*no refunds.

The Collection


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Malibu Green


New personalized poster from Hope Beel!  *Limited Supply*

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