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30 Day Challenge


What is the Hope Beel 30 Day Challenge?

My online challenge is equivalent to having a personal trainer, but less than HALF the price. We begin with a 30 minute consultation where we discuss your health and your current goals. From there I will put together a personalized workout plan and nutrition plan tailored to help you reach your fitness goals. I will check in with you on a daily basis to make sure your workouts and nutrition plan are going well.

How much does it cost?

The first month is $299.00. That includes 30 minute consultation, your personalized workout plan, and your personalized meal plan. If you decide to continue my online training program then it's only $199.00 a month.  

What's Included?

*30 days worth of workouts with video reference.

*IIFYM meal plan help or generalized meal plan with information on carb, fat, and protein placement.

*week to week meal prep ideas

*grocery list

*weekly check ins

*24/7 support from me

*private Instagram page where I post secret recipes and workouts only for my clients

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